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  1. Ahoi. Bitte alle, die Interesse an der Teilnahme des monatlichen Admin Treffens im deutschen Audio Kanal auf unserem Discord Server haben, abstimmen. Bei Fragen oder Anregungen, gerne hier eine PM an mich, in Discord ansprechen oder einfach eine Email schreiben. Lieben Dank und bis bald Edit: Der aktuelle Termin ist jeden zweiten Freitag im Monat um 15:00 Uhr.
  2. Hi Sven, spontaneously using netsh comes to my mind. Any other ideas, folks?
  3. Monatliches Treffen von FileWave Admins aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum. Austausch zu FileWave allgemein, Fragen und Ideen. Einfach auf unseren Discord Server und den deutschen Open Chat (German) betreten.
  4. Uh, you meant Windows Firewall. Sorry, I thought you talked about "a" Firewall. No, I have not seen this. Anyone else in here have seen this behaviour? Regarding Logfiles, in Windows 10 and Windows 11, I do see C:\ProgramData\FileWave\FileWaveInstallerLogfiles\ Shall we have a look together on your installation? If so, feel free to contact me via Email or Discord. Best regards
  5. Hi Matthias, Client Monitor uses Port 20010 from FileWave Admin to FileWave Client, as described here. Bottom Page, you will find a Graphic. To your second question regarding the Logfiles. For Windows Clients you should find the Logfiles in this location C:\ProgramData\FileWave\FWClient\fwcld.log As described here. Could you share the Link where the KB tells you the location you mentioned? Thanks a lot.
  6. Hi Jared, this could be caused by an unsupported iOS Version. Please check our compatibility chart. Anyone else an idea? Best regards
  7. Could you check again, please? It should work. Edit: We ran an update, yesterday. Might be a bug. When I tried the first time, I also had a bad result (0). Later it worked as expected. So it seems there is an issue with the database-search. Try it by hover over "Activity" and click in search. Or choose an option where to search, such as Topics. This will fix the bad result. I double checked as a guest.
  8. Ahoi. Ja, die Argumente sollten stets einzeln, also untereinander gelistet werden. Was das FireWall-Setting betrifft, so hilft ein PS Script.
  9. Ahoi. Auch wenn es mühsam sein wird, würde ich im Master Image das Startmenü konfigurieren. Windows speichert diese Einstellungen in einer Datei. C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp Diese exportieren und via FileWave allen Clients zuweisen. In FileWave: Users\All Users\App Data\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
  10. Ahoi. Versuch mal folgende launch arguments für VC VC_redist.x64.exe /install /quiet /norestart Uninstall Switch sollte der hier sein: "%ProgramData%\Package Cache\{57a73df6-4ba9-4c1d-bbbb-517289ff6c13}\VC_redist.x64.exe" /uninstall /quiet /norestart
  11. until
    We are going to have our last Alliance of the year on Thursday, Nov 17, 2022.
  12. Hi. It is not about "General Discussion" Forum or any others. The System works with the "Time Period" Filter. Standard Filter setting is "last visit". Let´s say you were online yesterday, but you did not read each topic or post. Today you visit the Forum, again. The Filter will ignore all unread content from yesterday and will only show the unread content from today. The solution for you, if want to see all unread content, switch the Time Period filter. I hope this helps. Best regards
  13. Hi, thanks for your feedback. I changed the settings and from now on, there should not be any blurry images anymore.
  14. Hi, today its possible for you to "follow" as many Topics, Forums and Users as you like. I think that might be a good way not to see Topics you are not interested in.
  15. Hi, good question! No, this channel/Topic will not replace our FileWave Product Suggestions Portal. This could be a place to discuss suggestions in a deeper way. You could discuss suggestions here which are already posted at the portal or some which you think should be there but maybe you want some feedback, first?
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