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  1. No resolution here yet unfortunately. I will be submitting a support request for this issue.
  2. I'm looking to build a new image for version 21H2, or 22H2 here before the beginning of the next school year. The way I've done it before is basically remove everything I am able to and set some preferred settings in the answer file. I was wondering if anyone knows of a guide that could assist me in doing this a bit better next year as most of my image building knowledge was made with guides I was able to find, while most was trial and error until I got it right. Thanks!
  3. I'm trying to deploy a Acrobat DC fileset and whenever this package is installed the normal way with a USB deployment package, it works fine and adds the Adobe PDF printer, but when I deploy it with filewave, the printer is nowhere to be found. Is there a fix I can try?
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