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  1. FileWave Clients have a process monitor component in fwcld, which is included in both macOS and Windows. Two sets of data are being provided from the device including the apps installed and running processes. Sometimes the list of installed MSIs say Firefox is installed but does not provide the installed process name. For instance, if the process name is Firefox.exe but in actual it is running another process named differently, such as Firefox-broswer.exe; in which FileWave fwcld process monitor does not see it. You may review to see if the FileWave Client fwcld component is recording these by opening a sqlite DB browser under the process monitor component file location: Windows: C:\ProgramData\ FileWave\ FWClient\appusage\appusage.db Below is a screen shot of a device that shows the processes being monitored.
  2. Hi Scott, If the new Windows 11 image has been processed and captured to the IVS, you may be able to manually upload the captured image to your FileWave server. Below are instructions on how to login and search for the UUID of the image. # ssh into your IVS $ ssh root@<IVS IP HERE> # change directory to windows upload $ cd /imaging/images/windows_upload/ # search directory $ ls -lhrt This will show you any images that failed to upload to your FileWave server. Find the most recent one and use the following command to upload to your FileWave server: # command to manually upload captured image $ /usr/local/bin/FileWaveAdmin --importImage /imaging/images/windows_upload/<UUID> -u <USERNAME> -p <PASS> -H <FILEWAVE.FQDN> -P 20016 You then should see the UUID disappear from the path directory. When it has successfully uploaded to your FileWave server, verify that your image is displayed under the imaging tab of Filesets.
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