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Accessing the FileWave Kiosk


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If anyone wants to launch the FileWave Kiosk from the Start Menu (Windows), or the Applications folder (macOS) here are (2) filesets that allow you to do just that!

Windows: ShowFileWaveKiosk-Windows.zip

MacOS: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/1018883735640350852/1095421174630055946/ShowFileWaveKiosk-macOS.zip

I crafted these filesets because Windows doesn't have a scripted solution that allows you to "Always Show" an icon in the Notification Area.
As for macOS users, if you increase the display size (or have too many toolbar icons), the FileWave Kiosk icon will become inaccessible (not visible).

This approach ensures that EVERYONE has easy-access to the FileWave Kiosk.


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