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Fetch fwcld.log from the WebAdmin


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Currently, it's possible to obtain the FileWave Client log (fwcld.log) file via the Client Monitor (application). However, if the client is in a remote location (not on the LAN) it's not possible to obtain the fwcld.log.

It would be great if the WebAdmin could display the client log (in a new browser tab) preferably with color formatting--similar to the new fileset script editor. Alternatively, fetching the Client log file could result in a file download. Please rename the file to:


I'm attaching an image of what I would like the WebUI to look like.

Sometimes the fwcld.log file can grow to a size of 30MB+. As such, I'm fine if the WebAdmin only grabs the 1,000 most recent lines. (This would diminish the file size to 100 KB.)

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 20.12.46.png

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