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"create association" entries


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When an admin creates an association, it shows up in FileWave Admin Audit History, something like this:

2022-10-18 15:57:25.020 [P:1887] <ip:::ffff:> user:username - Request id: FWS_ASSOCIATION_BATCH_CREATE, name: 'create new associations', owner session key hash: real_long_hash, owner name: 'username', result: 0
    client id: 'client_id_number, name: 'computer_name', fileset group id: fileset_group_number, name: 'name_of_fileset', revision: '<default> Initial Revision', revision ID: 'revision_id_number', association id: real_long_association_number

But, the create association -- especially the user who created the association -- does not show in any server side log, unless I am totally missing it. 

Does it show up anywhere?

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