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Filewave script exit codes

Peter Thorn

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I am trying to check if an application (forticlient) is installed via the Requirement script below. I would like to use exit code - 220, as there is no need for the fileset to try again and again if it has failed (as I read it would be if I use exit -1.

However, it doesn't seem to work - it tries to install no matter. I have tried using both "exit - 220" (as I read the description says) and "exit -220".

Am I using it wrong?





# For all script types, returning an exit code of 0 (success) means the

# script execution completed successfully.


# Requirements scripts can have the following exit codes that

# influence how the Client will handle the Fileset:


# - 210: This exit code will cause the Fileset to be treated like the

# installation was successful (unless another requirements script fails,)

# but the Fileset will not be downloaded nor installed.


# - 220: This exit code will prevent the installation and cause the client to

# stop retrying unless a manual action is made (verify, reinstall, etc.)

# or the Fileset is updated.


# Returning any other exit code but 0 (e.g. 1 or -1) will be reported as a

# "Requirements Failure: Script" in the Client Info window and Fileset Report.

# This will also prevent the contents of the Fileset from downloading and

# installing. In this case, requirements scripts will be executed every 2

# minutes and the Fileset will be installed when they all return 0.


# For other types of scripts, any non-zero exit code (e.g. 1 or -1) will cause the

# Fileset installation to fail and a script failure to be reported.


# If the script finishes without returning an exit code, the exit code 0

# (success) is assumed by default.


# Add the contents of your script below:

# check if forticlient is installed. If yes, skip and exit to -220 so it doesn't try again


if test -f "$FILPLACERING"; then

# do nothing and exit -220

exit -220


# forticlient is not installed so proceed

exit 0



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