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  1. We're testing this at the moment. One issue we've run across is that, while the github page says it supports OS < MacOS 12, the pre-compiled binary has been set with MacOS 12 as the minimum OS. Annoying for us with a fleet of mainly MacOS 11 machines. This can be resolved by cloning the Git repo and setting the min OS to something else, then recompiling the application through xcode. With our testing, it seems to work really well (we're using OneLogin), but I've only deployed the configuration locally. I followed their wiki on creating a preferences file with ProfileCreator. Unfortunately the export of that doesn't import directly into filewave web admin. You'll need to go through and manually add the xcreds properties as a custom settings payload under the com.twocanoes.xcreds domain. In addition to this, we've added an activation script that executes /Applications/XCreds.app/Contents/Resources/xcreds_login.sh -i So that the login windows is immediately updated on activation of the fileset.
  2. We had this same message with both the Vostro's and the XPSs. Dell shipped the with RAID enabled; looks like they bundle some kind of RAID drivers in their OEM media. Once that was disabled, we were able to both capture and restore without issue. Here is our BIOS config for the vostros in case it helps: # Vostro 5320 ## BIOS Config: ### Boot Configuration * Windows Boot Manger: Top of list (USB NIC (IPV4): Top of list - to use BIOS network boot) * Enable secure boot: OFF ### Storage * SATA/NVMe Operation: AHCI/NVMe ### Integrated Devices * USB/Thunderbolt Configiration * Enable USB Ports: True * Enable USB Boot Support: True * Enable Thunderbolt Boot Support: ON * Enable Thunderbolt Pre-boot Modules: ON ### Connection * Wireless Device Enable * WLAN: Ticked * Bluetooth: Ticked * Enable UEFI Network Stack: ENABLED * HTTP(s) Boot Mode: OFF ### System Management * Wake On WLAN: LAN with PXE Boot ### Pre-boot Behavior * Fastboot: Thorough
  3. Hi Josh, Yep - upgraded to 14.8.0. Cheers
  4. Has anyone else had issues with WinGet and Windows 11 via Filewave? We have a couple of fresh installed Windows 11 clients currently being tested (the rest of our PC fleet is Windows 10), and we had implemented some WinGet filesets as per the KB (https://fwkb.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KB/pages/4327054/Using+Microsoft+Winget+with+FileWave). But no Windows 11 device seems to function with these.... The registry keys never get created like they do in Windows 10. Have made sure the latest VC Redistributables are deployed too... No luck! HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\winget.exe These clients were installed with the latest Win11 iso created by the MS Windows Media Creation Tool... Cheers!
  5. We just received a shipment of new XPS and Vostros from Dell. No MAC address printed anywhere either. Only option was to boot into BIOS. Annoyingly, the vostro's do not support MAC address pass through. So they cause a whole extra level of complexity to image. The XPS's have their passed through MAC on the first page of the BIOS. While it may be annoying to have to boot each into BIOS to get this, we also found that was necessary anyway, as they shipped from Dell in a state that could not be PXE booted, so a tech had to go an change bios settings anyway.
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