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  1. Josh, We are on FW 14.8 and har seeing major VPP app distribution issues to Mac OS devices. Is this something 14.9.2 will address? Also, for VPP 2.0 is this something we should enable???
  2. Way to specify what VPP apps to allow normal updating and which VPP apps to not allow updating. Currently there only seems to be a global allow/ deny for VPP app updates
  3. For Win 10 student laptops has anyone come across a profile or a PS script that will lock the WiFi on, but allow different WiFi networks to be selected?
  4. On 14.8? Not seen that issue however we have had issues in 14.8 with device searches not working and renaming iOS and TVos device intermittent issues with either native FW Admin and Web UI.....
  5. We started having odd WiFi issues intermittently on our 9 Gen IPads with IOs 15.x a few months back in a few classrooms. Went thru and changed the : 'Private Wi-Fi Address' 'Limit IP Address Tracking' To both disabled and issues seemed to go away in those classroom that were experiencing issues. We use user auth for our WiFi which is done at device setup by staff (Takes more time in setup and not easily able to be done by profile but essential for device tracking in our case )
  6. We are still having issues trying to get our TeamViewer setups working on some of our Tech Macs and Win 10 PC. DO we contact TeamViewer Support or FW Support for those issues? Is anyone else having issues getting the TeamViewer setup on tech Macs and PCs? We load the TV software the same way we do on other Macs/Pcs but on a handful we get the TV software after selecting in native or Web admin 'Remote Session - Prompt /Don't Prompt' - opens/crashes - Nothing at all happens - Get a message that 'TeamViewer not Found'
  7. Also when I open the listed IOS profile in Web Admin I do not see any way to open the Apple Profile Editor? I thought in the Web webinars I attended they showed that I could edit existing profiles in Web, or is that still not possible?
  8. Now that we have updated to 14.8 we are starting to migrate our day to day operations to the Web from the native FW Admin. Very basic question but we are somewhat lost In Payloads how do we navigate to other FileSet (Payload) OUs in Web Admin? See attached Picts for what we see in Web Payloads compared to Native. I am sure it is something simple? Thanks!
  9. Does this apply if you have a DNS 'round robin' type of record for your FW Boosters-where you have one internal DNS record for all of your boosters for load balancing? For external we have one DNS to internal IP NAT
  10. After we updated to FW 14.8 we have discovered that we are not able to edit the FW client name for iOS and Apple TV devices in either FW native Admin or WebAdmin. Working with FW Support they sent an updated native FW Admin to try and now it seems we can edit one iOS/Apple TV FW client name in the Admin but then no others until we close FW Admin and log back in. Somewhat critical in our workflow as we have smart folders setup in our environment based on those iOS and Apple TV FW client names Just checking to see in anyone else has notice this behavior in 14.8. Thanks!
  11. Does FileWave have any TeamViewer quick admin how to guides for getting the initial FW Admin-TeamViwer integrations working? Now that we have 14.8 going thru our tech stations and getting it rolled out. Other than the basics - Have TV licensing correctly assigned, TeamViewer app installed on our tech Mac and Win clients, go in and open app and agree to TV TOS we are having odd issues - Macs with identical privacy settings and FW Admin rights trying to connect to a MacBook and the screen just flashes - Win 10 PCs just flat out doing nothing after selecting either 'Remote Session - Prompt' and 'Remote Session - Don't Prompt' in FW Admin 14.8 Anyway, just looking for some basic tips to make this transition smoother for us. Thanks!
  12. Now that we have updated to 14.8 we have found that we are in need of 1-2 additional TV licenses for our Techs. And since thru FileWave I assume that I need to go to FW to purchase and not just thru TeamViewer? Who do I contact? Can those be added at any time to our FW Admin?
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