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  1. Hi @ttl best is to go to https://kb.filewave.com/books/community-engagement/page/filewave-product-management and submit to the product suggestions portal as it helps Product Management know how desired something is. You can also comment on other items there to help vote them up.
  2. I forget the error code but for the field is it one that is assigned to the devices that you are trying to use that with? So a field can either be assigned to all devices or can be selectively assigned to devices. If the field isn't assigned to a specific device at all then I know an error is thrown but I don't remember if it's that. One other thing that can throw errors if you usually see your code work but just once in a while it doesn't work could be that every 10 minutes (by default) the server recalculates Smart Groups and when it is doing that it will reject things in those seconds that it could be processing so having some retry would make sense to handle that.
  3. Hey @Kevin W your reply reminded me about this. visionOS 1.1 beta is now in existence which adds MDM support, but it's not released yet. I would for sure say to visit https://kb.filewave.com/books/community-engagement/page/filewave-product-management and put a request in via the feedback portal there if you think you'll be managing them at all. Now it's becoming closer to possible, but we'll have to make changes to FW to be able to support them as a new device type so customer feedback is important to understand how they will be used and by how many.
  4. For what it's worth, I was at Apple this past summer after WWDC 2023, and they only mentioned MDM for Apple Watch being the next thing, but Sean may be right that the next WWDC will probably reveal the answer. In hindsight, I really am not sure why I didn't ask an Apple engineer this question when I was there, but I think Vision Pro felt far off at the time.
  5. I've seen this come up a few times. It would be good to log this on https://kb.filewave.com/books/community-engagement/page/filewave-product-management so that you and anyone else who comes across needing this could log that you want/need it and it'll help drive that forward. I know a couple of customers have logged the request.
  6. I wonder if it's because it's running in 32bit in FW. My VM is being weird. If you run that in the PowerShell IDE x86 does it give output?
  7. I don't believe that this is exposed via API. I think you submitted something else to product suggestions and I would say to submit this as well: https://kb.filewave.com/books/community-engagement/page/filewave-product-management as it is not likely been thought about but I could see it also being helpful for integrations where you want to pull the info elsewhere.
  8. Glad you found it on Discord. Was just starting my day and saw you found the answer quick. Thanks for sharing the answer here as well.
  9. I know at this moment that custom.filewave.com isn't building macOS or Windows clients. I opened an internal IT ticket on it.
  10. After release of FileWave 15.1.0, there have been some reports that Dashboard (Grafana) gives an error when trying to go to it. There will be an error briefly that "User already exists." and this will happen for the fwadmin user in particular. As a workaround you should be able to login as a different user and get to the Dashboard. We have also found that logging in to Dashboard and then going to Settings and deleting fwadmin did result in regaining access again as fwadmin, but we are checking to see if this is the best option because you may have set preferences within that user and may not want to have to set them again. Please reach out to Customer Technical Support if you are impacted.
  11. I have the same problem. Probably any MSP might have the same desire. If you go here: FW 101 Intro: FileWave Product Suggestions Portal and click the Submit an Idea button once logged in and in the course you can route that to Product Management. That's the best way to pass this up. Obviously if there was more history maybe the UI needs a dialog for the history or a little seach box or something so include info on what you'd want to see there.
  12. If you never tried Debian then this is a good video to get started. We will discuss more at the Alliance eMeeting but our goal is Debian 12 support by the end of this year for Server, IVS and Boosters and a path to migrate Server. For Boosters and IVS it’ll likely just be swapping out the CentOS appliance for Debian but we will be publishing articles by the end of year. macOS continues to be supported for Server, Client and Boosters. Windows continues for Client and Boosters. Only CentOS goes away with Debian 12 replacing it.
  13. I know there is a file in /usr/local/filewave/apache/conf/ called httpd_webadmin.conf.example that you can copy to httpd_webadmin.conf (removing .example) and can make webadmin operate on a different port. I've not done it in practice but I know the config file is there. It might be something to look at.
  14. If you didn't get emails for a little bit from this forum system ( alliance.filewave.com ) it was our fault. When we moved from Google to Microsoft I failed to update the outbound mail for Alliance, but this is now fixed. Sorry about missing that in our transition. -Josh
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