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  1. There is also community sourced TCC profile for screensharing apps from the Macadmins group that we used as a basis for our screensharing profile several years ago. I am not at the office today but you should be able to find it.
  2. Sven - we pass the ssid and key as environmental variables - in the Get Info: Executable Tab: Environmental Variables for the script in the Fileset.
  3. We have used netsh and an xml file in the past to add our wifi networks to Windows 10 clients and have now moved to a Powershell script as we add Windows 11 clients. I don't have the original reference for the script. I think it may have come from some Microsoft Technet articles. addWifi.ps1
  4. We also have had issues with the macOS MDM software updates. We send via SoftwareUpdate, not the Kiosk. We get about a 40% return of actual successful installs. The biggest issue for us has been that the update can kick off without any warning to user. Using the Rollout Plan on FileWave Anywhere seems to help at least keep the restart damage to off-hours but the behavior is wildly inconsistent. Some users get notifications and options to install/try later. Others get no notifications but the update is sitting ready in the Software Update preference pane, and the some just get restarted. Overall not a great experience for our department or the end users. We have been heavily communicating with users to install updates via the Software Update preference pane and once we got everyone to 12.6.2 that has been working well to get users up to Ventura via Software Update (as a standard user). We are testing Nudge to use going forward to give our users better notifications and timelines to install updates. A couple things that helped us get to 12.6.2 were: 1 - removing the software update plist from the Managed Users folder (/Library/Managed Preferences/com.apple.SoftwareUpdate.plist) there is also one of these files for each user in that folder. 2 - restart and immediately check for software updates and install right away (often used in conjunction with #1, but sometimes just a restart gets what you need).
  5. @Josh LevitskyYour solution does work. @Sean Adding the settings from the mobile config file as a plist in custom settings kept throwing errors in the test commands. It sort of worked... It will be a pain to adjust settings since that would have to be done in iMazing Profile editor and then import that into the FileWave Profile editor but I think once we get settings confirmed for general use it will be fine. There is also a setting in iMazing Profile editor for Service Management - Managed Login Items to suppress the Notification that a launch daemon is running. That's also a recommended setting for the Renew script. Haven't had a chance to test that yet. Thanks for the help!
  6. Thanks @Sean and @Josh Levitsky. I will see if I can get the settings into a plist and try that and try your suggestion too Josh. It's a cool project to remind users to restart and you can brand the dialog boxes and messages.
  7. I am trying to deploy Renew (https://github.com/SecondSonConsulting/Renew) and am having issues with the configuration profile in FileWave. I have opened and modified the sample config file here (https://github.com/SecondSonConsulting/Renew/blob/main/Example Configuration Profiles/com.secondsonconsulting.renew_MinimalOptions_Deadline_Example.mobileconfig) in the iMazing Profile editor. I did need to add the developer manifest to the iMazing app preferences. When I try to import/load the profile from iMazing into the FileWave profile editor in Central or Anywhere only the General section is imported. The section with the app settings is missing. In Central I am unable to even the save the profile. It says there is an error but doesn't show any more info. In Anywhere the General section will show and then there is an error message "Unsupported Profiles Found!. The following profile type is unavailable: renew. That profile will remain in the payload unchanged." I've attached a screenshot as well. Do I need to add the developer manifest somehow in the FileWave Editor for it to be recognized or I am I missing something?
  8. This is what we have in the custom field to return the uptime in days uptime | sed -nr 's/^.*up ([0-9]+) day.*$/\1/p' The data type is an integer and we just look for greater than XX in the Smart Group. Not sure where I got this. It may have been a compilation of things.
  9. We use Uptime as a custom field as well and have used a Query to generate a list of usernames to email staff reminding them to restart (gentle reminder) and we have created a Smart Group based on the Uptime custom field (we started with over 60 days) and then send a blank fileset with a Reboot requirement and deadline (not so gentle reminder - the email worked better once we rebooted the 60 day + clients) to get the computer restarted. Our team always checks that field when a ticket comes in and we ask the staff to reboot if they haven't recently before we try any other troubleshooting.
  10. We use this command in a shell script in a custom field to get the battery condition of our Mac laptops. system_profiler SPPowerDataType | grep "Condition" | awk '{print $2}' We then have a Query that looks for those Macs that have a battery condition of Service so we can try and replace the battery before the user reports it totally dead. Also nice to know how many batteries to have on hand in our parts inventory.
  11. We are using ChromeOS Flex on older iMacs and HP AIO's. Easy to setup although there seem to be some issues with ports (mini-display port) on the iMacs. I did need to go in to FileWave Admin preferences and Synchronize the Google Oauth 2 Service Account in order for those to show up, but that may have been anomaly since the sync had stopped a bit ago. After the sync the devices show as ChromeOS devices in FileWave and report the proper hardware.
  12. We have those two items unchecked on our iOS restriction profile for staff and students. For macOS it is on the Functionality tab of the Restrictions. This is the article I found on password sharing - https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT209368. I did confirm with my work phone (restriction in place) and personal phone that Password sharing did not work even with all of the prerequisites in place.
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