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MSI installation with addition switches


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Up until now I have not had a need to customize an MSI installation so the standard silent install behavior was sufficient. I now need to add vendor specific server and enrollment information to the installation command of an MSI. I have the switches and the batch file works, it's just a matter of deployment now. If I add a customized batchfile as an activation script, will that take precedence over the default FileWave MSI installation behavior? Is there a better way? 

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You'll want to make a new Fileset (Empty will be fine).  Drag the MSI into a location within this Fileset and then create an activation script to include your BATCH contents to trigger the MSI.

When you drag an MSI directly into FileWave Fileset view, it creates a special Fileset that automatically runs the MSI for you.  If you create an Empty Fileset and add the MSI, then the MSI will just be treated as a file and won't be ran.  You can then have your script control the installation.

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