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  1. Yes, but it isn't public. (It could therefore change, so if you use it, it may break in the future). Put a browser into development mode and view the details if you open that group in the FileWave Anywhere Web Admin. It will show the path, etc used for the query. If it is a Smart Group, copy the key elements from the JSON viewed in Swagger of the api/doc in Anywhere and use the Command Line API instead, to run that query and view the results.
  2. Cookies can be denied with a Profile: But I'm unaware of Apple allowing the ability to remove those already created. Shared iPad however, has a Guest Mode option: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/deployment/dep9a34c2ba2/web Does Chrome Management (or other browser) provide something for this? You could perhaps deny Safari and look at an alternate Browser. https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/10377492?hl=en
  3. Sean

    Date Format

    Apple no longer instal Python by default on devices. Have you pushed out Python to these devices? If you have pushed out Python, what version are the clients running and does this match the version you are running and therefore compatible with the script you have written?
  4. Sean

    Date Format

    I should probably mention that the Custom Fields are stored locally, but in a non-readable file format. The client extracts them into the above mentioned script file, runs the script, then removes the script file for each Custom Field.
  5. Sean

    Date Format

    I have a feature request to make this more obvious, but it does describe the required format in the Custom Field info: If you look at a client's log, you will see multiple entries for custom_field_script. Every Custom Field uses the same script file, it is just overwritten each time and then eventually no file is left behind afterwards.
  6. TCC/PPPC rights, as they are known, are managed with Security & Privacy profiles. There are two different Security & Privacy Profile types (Apple used to have this all in one profile and then they split out TCC from the rest): There are two profiles in our example TeamViewer recipe which offers two approaches to options which you may find useful, since there will be some similarity: https://kb.filewave.com/books/teamviewer/page/teamviewer-macos-client-setup Apple never made this easy, when it comes to identifying what is required: https://kb.filewave.com/books/profiles-apple/page/macos-privacy-preferences-payload-in-mojave-1014 But you may well find examples on the Web specifically for Teams. Many major vendors supply the necessary details to configure these settings. Printer settings are different. This is standard admin permissions and staff users do not have the ability to manage many print features by default. However, you can add users to additional groups. Something like: /usr/sbin/dseditgroup -o edit -n /Local/Default -a staff -t group lpadmin
  7. What version of iOS? Apple have had a long running issue that stops devices from checking in: https://kb.filewave.com/books/apple-general-info/page/address-stalled-mdm-commands
  8. Think you've answered your own question. No information... yet. Perhaps WWDC this year will provide some insight, likely the question will be asked by MDM vendors. If/when it happens, pages like this one should start to show up: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/deployment/dep34c5cd30f/web
  9. Strictly speaking, you shouldn't need to. When a new user attempts to log in and maximum is reached, the device should make way for the new user, by removing one. https://it-training.apple.com/tutorials/deployment/dm135 However, if content has not yet uploaded for backup, then a user will not be removed (otherwise user data could be lost undesirably). This can then prevent users from logging into a device where they do not yet have cached data and maximum users has already been met. If content is not caching fast enough, consider including Content Caching on one or more macOS devices locally to improve this. The remove user command is really a brute force removal. Don't care if user data has been backed up, just blow it away anyway. Hence it hasn't really been designed with mass removal in mind, if you want to remove all users, you are getting close to just wiping the devices (clearly that takes longer depending upon the quantity of apps to reinstall). The Command in Profile adheres to the idea that user data should not be removed unless synchronised: It may be possible to trigger the all user deletion server side with code. Support might be able to assist with that. However, I would consider improving the situation with backups, so that you hopefully don't ever have to do this.
  10. API are usually used for linking 3rd party products, but could be used in scripts to interface with the server. If you haven't configured any of these, then there shouldn't be any in use. Whilst the model is updating, clients will temporarily be unable to communicate with the server. It would only be if you had something designed to automatically trigger lots of Model Updates could this even be a consideration, so it sounds unlikely. With routed messages, things should be good too. Have you enabled DEBUG on the client to see if this highlights something in the client logs? Have you opened a ticket with support?
  11. With that in mind: How many devices do you have and of which type? Do you use Boosters? Do you use Booster routing? Does the FileWave Central Dashboard show any resource that are being fully utilised? Perhaps the server is being overloaded with requests. Other things that can impact this: API requests Tickle time too low Too many requirement scripts that are never successful Frequent Model Updates Maybe the above will highlight something.
  12. Do the client logs show if inventory back to the server was successful?
  13. You can use Fileset Filter in Smart Groups. From your description: E.g. List of macOS devices with a Fileset: List of macOS devices which do not have that Fileset: You could add device name begins with as a criteria. Not sure I follow the actual example, but hopefully the above will assist.
  14. Do you have acknowledged commands in the device's Client Info > Command History for any or all of the commands listed?
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