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FileWave 14.10.0

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FileWave 14.10.0
We're going to start with the first customers soon on 14.10.0. I have the downloads that have cleared QA and so if you've reached out to me or you were previously on the list you should look for an email from me at the latest tomorrow. I'm trying to get everything published and ready. Below are 3 KB articles related to the release for all to see. If you are Hosted or On-Premise and would like to be in early adopters please do let me know. Some people like it because the new release has security updates and some people like it for the bug fixes. In either case feel free to discuss here. 

A KB article was published:
How to Force a Reboot of macOS or Windows Devices after Installing a Fileset in FileWave v14.10+
A KB article was published:
Customizing iOS Device Wallpaper with FileWave v14.10+
A KB article was published:
Version 14.10.x New Features, Updates, and Enhancements (Feb 2023)

https://custom.filewave.com/ has been updated to build 14.10.0 clients for macOS and Windows. Be mindful that you can select 14.9.2 on that page if you need to build an older client. 

Emails have gone out to Early Adopters both Hosted and OnPremise just now. Hosted will get upgraded on Tuesday Feb 21st unless a ticket is opened asking not to be, but this new version should be a good improvement including some memory leaks that were addressed in the Windows Client. If you have Windows systems you'll want this version almost certainly. We had some support cases and chased down memory leaks until we can find no more and we don't see the client leaking.
In preperation for 14.10.0 see the 3 new ports listed here: https://fwkb.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KB/pages/4329171/Default+TCP+and+UDP+Port+Usage 

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