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Passing launch arguments per association


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I'm aware launch arguments can be set within the Fileset, which is kinda counter-intuitive if you have a script you'd like to use for multiple scenarios.

For example:

  • Directory path removal


There's a directory from a residual uninstall I'd like to remove from a user's computer, but at this point in time, using a launch argument is the same amount of effort of adding multiple conditions to a script.  It'd be more efficient (and reduce code size/complexity) if the path could just be set at the association time.


Is there a way to do this, currently?

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When testing, I like to have logs emailed to me.

When users are remote, I can't use Filewave's "Get Log" function, even with the firewall ports script active (that's offered in Filewave's documentation)

I have a debug variable set, but I have to go into the script and change that everytime I want to switch from debug to live mode and that doesn't target the single user I want to zero in on for logs, but anyone that's got the association.

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If you want to alter the debug mode, then you could do this with Smart Group associations and use an Administrator Custom Field to trigger that change.  You would then have two Filesets, one to set the value as 10 and the other as 99.


  • Administrator Custom Field has two possible values: Standard or Debug
  • Smart Group - Standard Log Level - Associate Fileset to set the value as 10 - Criteria based upon Administrator Custom Field of value Standard
  • Smart Group - Debug Log Level - Associate Files to set the value as 99 - Criteria based upon Administrator Custom Field of value Debug

However, rather than script this, you could use a Superpref Fileset to set the value.

Another alternative:

  • One Fileset that scripts the change, but based upon a Custom Field value
  • Set a Launch Argument or Environment Variable to be the parameter value of the Custom Field
  • After altering the Custom Field value for the chosen devices, trigger a reinstall Fileset for those devices

If you don't wish to have to do a reinstall of Fileset, then use a Blocker Script to read this value and alter the client debug level

Hope that provides enough options to give you an idea of how to approach this.


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