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Feature request: Ability to associate filesets to devices but be able to install/run them at a later time.


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I would like the to be able to have a 'back end kiosk' where an admin can put useful scripts and occasional installation filesets that can be triggered by techs.  I have a few scripts that fix things that should only be run if needed.  For example we have a re-bind script that we only have a tech run when we know the user is connected to our VPN.  We either have to make the association (needing a full 'admin') or make a smart group that can populate based on a custom field.  It would be great to associate them by default in a dormant mode and have a tech trigger them.  Maybe there is a better way to do this....

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Custom Fields and Smart Groups are the typical way to manage this.  The Admin then sets the Custom Field to the pre-defined values and everything then triggers.

When using this method, it can be considered useful to add an API PATCH within the script to reset the value of the Custom Field.  However, since the Fileset has already ran at this point and it won't run again unless manually triggered by an Admin, the association could remain in place; any Fileset can be be re-actioned by the 'Reinstall Fileset' option found either in the device's Client Info or through the Fileset Report.

This same theory can be used for associations though without Custom Fields and without Smart Groups.

If you build out the script such that the first time it runs it does nothing, then these Filesets could be associated whenever in advance.  With the association already in place, at the time you wish to 'fix' the device with the script, you trigger the Reinstall Fileset from the Admin console.

Not proper code, but to give the idea:

if [ first time ran == true ]
	exit 0
	do some code

This would give the idea of a script being dormant on the device until triggered by the Admin.

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