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App was automatically uninstalled, right after i deleted associations


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Hey Guys, i would appreciate it you could help me with a problem. 
i Installed outlook app in Iphone 13 from Appstore in the Iphone. 

i made then a fileset and an association to installed outlook over filewave again (just to see what happend). anyway after i deleted the association, the app was also uninstalled from Iphone 😕 

Could you please tell me what i did wrong? 

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If there are no associations then we should expect the App to be removed.  This returns the licence into the pool of VPP licences such that the App may then be associated with another device.

If you wish for the App to remain on the device, then the association must continue to exist.

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Let's say I have a Smart Group an app is associated to. Any new device (that automatically gets put into the Smart Group) will now get the app automatically. What would I have to do if I now decide that I don't want to install the app on new devices?

1. Deleting the Smart Group would not make sense, as it contains more associations that I might want to keep.

2. Deleting the association to the Smart Group also would not make sense, since then it will delete the app from all the devices that are currently in the Smart Group.


My workaround is, to create a new deployment with just the App and adding the new devices as exclusions so that the app will not get pushed to those devices (It works, but isn't very practicable as I have to add every new device manually)


Is there a smarter option to do this maybe?

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You have options.


Right click the group and 'Convert to Standard Group'.  All devices currently in the group will be a part of this new static group and Smart rules will no longer apply.


Create a new Custom Field based upon the desired installation, e.g. boolean and default false.  Select the group and set the Custom Field value for this group of devices to be  a value of true (right click on group and choose to set Custom Field value).

Create a new Smart Group based upon this new Custom Field, where Smart Criteria is: value of Custom Field is true.  Associate the same Fileset to this new group and delete the original Smart Group.

This second option has the benefit of easily adding devices to the group by way of the Custom Field, instead of generating new clones into the group as the first option would require.

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