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Windows client 14.10.0 - 14.10.2 BugFix for OS Updates

Josh Levitsky

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If you visit https://fwkb.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/DOW/pages/160038913/FileWave+Version+14.10.2 you will see a link for a 14.10.3 client for Windows. I’ve also kept the 14.10.2 client if someone needed it for troubleshooting something. There was a bug in 14.10.x of FileWave on Windows where it would not detect that OS updates were missing, so you would not see them in the Assistant to make the Filesets, and if you did see them because a couple of machines detected updates, you still would not be able to apply them to 14.10.x Windows clients. This was a client-only bug. V14.10.3 has been seen to fix it. If you think you have this issue, try updating the client to 14.10.3. No other components were updated to this version. https://custom.filewave.com will also produce a 14.10.3 client. It will make one for macOS but there were no changes for macOS.   

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