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IVS not showing newly uploaded Windows Image

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I have updated our IVS to 14.10.2 to match the fw server and clients. But I have gone through the process of uploading a new windows 11 image two times now. The process has completed on the computer and it says it has uploaded. But I cant see it anywhere in fw. Where does it go temporarily in fw? Can it be salvaged cause I really dont want to go through the process of re-installing a OS and updating and syspreping just for it to fail again

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Hi Scott,

If the new Windows 11 image has been processed and captured to the IVS, you may be able to manually upload the captured image to your FileWave server. Below are instructions on how to login and search for the UUID of the image.

# ssh into your IVS
$ ssh root@<IVS IP HERE>
# change directory to windows upload
$ cd /imaging/images/windows_upload/
# search directory
$ ls -lhrt

This will show you any images that failed to upload to your FileWave server. Find the most recent one and use the following command to upload to your FileWave server:

# command to manually upload captured image
$ /usr/local/bin/FileWaveAdmin --importImage /imaging/images/windows_upload/<UUID> -u <USERNAME> -p <PASS> -H <FILEWAVE.FQDN> -P 20016

You then should see the UUID disappear from the path directory. When it has successfully uploaded to your FileWave server, verify that your image is displayed under the imaging tab of Filesets.

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