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Enrollment with DEP

Sven Blaufuss

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i had maybe a silly question. 🙂 when i have an Macbook and get this with DEP after the welcome screen comes the filewave login screen where the.user cann insert the main domain credentials. 
If he finishes this, the system will start and open the OSX Prompt. For now, I have an Admin account to connect to. But how the normal user could now connect? 

I hope everybody get my meaning about it :-).


best regards


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Not entirely sure I follow.

Typical behaviour is the first prompt is an authentication of the actual enrolment.  This may or may not be based upon LDAP and therefore may or may not be the intended user of the device.

DEP enrolment profile has options regarding account creation.

If you intend for domain users to authenticate, not only the enrolment (which is configured in Preferences > LDAP), but also for authentication once the login prompt for the OS appears, you would need to supply some form of domain binding to the device or similar.

If binding is required, this could be achieved with a Profile, for example.

If you need some additional method regarding authentication of the login to the OS by domain users, twocanoes have a product for use here, which was until very recently free, but unfortunately no longer the case:



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