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Deploying preferences (.plist files) to iOS/iPadOS Apps?

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Recently the app `Goodnotes`changed its licensing model for institutions from a paid app (which was free for a while) to a free app on the appstore which has to have a licence to be activated. We still deploy Goodnotes through Apple Business Manager and Filewave (VPP) as usual, but from now on I have to attach a licence key to the app so that it will be recognised as the full version.

I have done so by editing the apps fileset under ´Configuration (iOS only)´ where I created a .plist file with the license code. This all seemed to work fine (see screenshot)

But unfortunately it does not seem to work, as the deployed app still is only the regular free version.

I have contacted Goodnotes support (still in contact with them) who told me that it seems right to them, they don't know the inner workings of filewave and would have me ask here as well.


Is there anything I did wrong? Or is this an issue on Goodnotes site (perhaps a wrong license etc.)


Screenshot 2023-08-02 at 15.18.05.png

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Are you satisfied that there are no additional spaces, new line characters, other hidden characters in either of the values?

Have you made sure the key is exactly as provided by the company?

Do you receive an error message as shown in the examples of their documentation?

Does the device need to reach their servers to accept the license and could devices not have that network connectivity?

Have you tried using 'defaults' to create the file and then upload this created plist file or are you adding the keys and values manually and directly into the FileWave interface?

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