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Hosting FW server in datacenter + securing the admin interface

Manu Ketelslegers

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Hi all,

today, our server is hosted on prem and client access (fwcld + mdm) is allowed from the public internet. The admin interface however is not accessible from "dirty networks". Boosters are located in datacenters.

Since we are planning to move and have the intention to host the server in a datacenter as well, i'm wondering if anyone has practical experience protecting the admin interface wit ZTNA (Barracuda Cloudgen Access, zscaler, cisco umbrella, ... or likewise).

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I know there is a file in /usr/local/filewave/apache/conf/ called httpd_webadmin.conf.example that you can copy to httpd_webadmin.conf (removing .example) and can make webadmin operate on a different port. I've not done it in practice but I know the config file is there. It might be something to look at. 


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