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Document fileset for Windows


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I want to know if there is possible we can show the document in KIOSK. meaning that i want to advertise the document so user can download or view the documet. 

My client environment is in windows.  so from the document that i put on users/public/public Desktop i can not find the document event i download from kiosk kindly adviseimage.png.28d1eaae2bcd27f8a551ddc4227734cb.png


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If you have a file in the following location within a Fileset, it should appear on the Desktop for all users once they have accepted the installation from Kiosk.


The below image is for a Windows 11 device, where the path is 'C:\Users\Public\Desktop', unlike a Windows 10 device which is 'C:\Users\Public\Public Desktop'(or is it!).  

You could of course add the file to the relative path for each OS within the Fileset, but by using the above Documents and Settings special folder, FileWave will do the necessary work for you to ensure it is in the correct location for both Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Windows 11 from the above screenshot Fileset:



Windows 10, from the above screenshot Fileset (notice the difference between Properties and Explorer):


The special Documents and Settings Folder in FileWave has you covered for all of this.

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