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Counter of currently selected devices/filesets


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It would be really helpful to have a little counter somewhere in FileWave Central Admin (or Anywhere), that displays how many devices or filesets are currently selected. It also would be helpful to have a count of how many elements are in a group (though there it gets complicated with nested groups).

This would be a quality of life feature that can be used as a sanity check in day to day operations. Did I really select all of the devices that I want to move? Are there as many elements as I would expect in this group? etc.

I'm thinking of something similar to the counter in the status bar of Excel, that shows you how many cells you have selected.

The only workaround I found, is to export a list of the selected elements in FileWave Anywhere. That is really tedious however.

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For the moment, if it assists...

If you hover over the Client Groups you get a pop-up:



It informs the direct contents, not contents of sub groups.

Rather than exporting, if you select devices, you can choose to make clones and choose a group to add those clones into:


Once dropped into the group, you could use the same above feature to see the count list, then either choose to keep or delete this group afterwards.

You may select one or more devices and choose to alter a Custom Field value.  In the same way, you could select the devices chosen, set a Custom Field and use that as either Smart Group criteria or an Inventory Query to observe the devices.

Queries immediately show the quantity of devices, both in the side bar and in an observed query tab header


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