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Creating and deploying Superprefs Filesets


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I'm having issues deploying superprefs filesets.

Following all the steps provided by this KB post (Creating a Superprefs ... | FileWave KB) and deploying the fileset does not overwrite the client preferences on neither the macOS nor the Windows clients.

I tested putting the .plist in /usr/local/etc and in both C:\ProgramData\FileWave\ for Windows and /usr/local/etc/FileWaveInstallers/ for macOS.

After associating the fileset to my test Mac and Windows clients under Fileset Status it reports back "active" however I can still open the preferences with the old password ( I changed it to a new one in the superprefs) and the old booster configurations are still present (basically nothing has changed).




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Not seen this.  Does the password contain a variety of special characters?  I wonder if one character could mess with the file not working as expected.

  • I would try just Booster settings on a test device and see what happens.
  • If that works, then try and add a password back (just a simplified test password) and apply to another test device

If that isn't the reason, then I'd create a ticket with support.


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