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Fileset Filter for Clients on Smart Group


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we have the following requirement:

All clients that have "AP-T_" in the name but do not receive the fileset "Demo" via another smart group are to be united in one smart group.

I want to roll something out to all macOS clients except those that are in the Remove group and already get the Filewave uninstaller

Everyone should get macOS that is older than Enroll 2 days.
Everyone who is 3 days older and has the filesets from the 2 day groups should then get another one.


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You can use Fileset Filter in Smart Groups.

From your description:

E.g.   List of macOS devices with a Fileset:


List of macOS devices which do not have that Fileset:


You could add device name begins with as a criteria.

Not sure I follow the actual example, but hopefully the above will assist.

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