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Mass removal of users on shared iPads


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I was wondering if anybody knows of a quick and easy way to remove all users from a list of shared iPads.

We keep running into problems with iPads that have reached the maximum number of users. Right now the only way to clear the users from the devices is to open each client, click on each user and remove them one by one.

Is there a "remove all"-function?

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Strictly speaking, you shouldn't need to.

When a new user attempts to log in and maximum is reached, the device should make way for the new user, by removing one.


However, if content has not yet uploaded for backup, then a user will not be removed (otherwise user data could be lost undesirably).  This can then prevent users from logging into a device where they do not yet have cached data and maximum users has already been met.

If content is not caching fast enough, consider including Content Caching on one or more macOS devices locally to improve this.

The remove user command is really a brute force removal.  Don't care if user data has been backed up, just blow it away anyway.  Hence it hasn't really been designed with mass removal in mind, if you want to remove all users, you are getting close to just wiping the devices (clearly that takes longer depending upon the quantity of apps to reinstall).

The Command in Profile adheres to the idea that user data should not be removed unless synchronised:


It may be possible to trigger the all user deletion server side with code.  Support might be able to assist with that.

However, I would consider improving the situation with backups, so that you hopefully don't ever have to do this.

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