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iOS and cookies


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We are trying to find a method to delete cookies and cache from Safari on iPads every day (or at a specific event - e.g. a script to launch).

I've tried to look in KB and Foundry, but I haven't found anything relatable.

Any idea if this is achievable and how?

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Cookies can be denied with a Profile:



But I'm unaware of Apple allowing the ability to remove those already created.  

Shared iPad however, has a Guest Mode option:



In iPadOS 13.4 or later, any user has the ability to initiate a temporary session without the need for a user name or password by tapping Guest at the login screen. When a guest logs out, all their data — including browsing history — is deleted.

Does Chrome Management (or other browser) provide something for this?  You could perhaps deny Safari and look at an alternate Browser.






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