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How can I deploy .mpkg?

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I want to deploy FortiClient to my Macs using FileWave. 

I only have a .dmg file that contains the .mpkg and the custom .conf files.

Is there a way to push the entire contents of the .dmg to the clients and then run a script to execute the .mpkg file?

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Hi @Tobias.vonLienen

I have spend a lot of time on getting this to work...

But it works for me when doing this:

- Copy the conf files and the mpkg to your desktop (or somewhere else). Rename the mpkg to pkg and import the pkg to filewave and copy the conf files into that as well.

The next part is if you wish to update forticlient. In my experience, the build in updater requires admin password on the client, so in order to avoid this and make it seamless for the user, I reinstall the updated client whenever there is a new one, but use the script below as a preflight script in order to uninstall the old one first.

And be aware of distributing the certificate as well



     if [ -d /Applications/FortiClientUninstaller.app ]; then
         echo "FCT is already installed. Uninstalling existing Software"
         /usr/bin/chflags -R noschg /Applications/FortiClient.app
         /usr/bin/chflags -R noschg /Applications/FortiClientUninstaller.app
         /Applications/FortiClientUninstaller.app/Contents/Library/LaunchServices/com.fortinet.forticlient.uninstall_helper upgrade-uninstall
         if [ -d /Applications/FortiClientUninstaller.app ]
             echo "Failed to uninstall previous FortiClient"
             exit 1
             echo "FCT Mac has been uninstalled successfully"
 exit 0


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