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iPads keep disconnecting from both of our wireless networks


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Hey guys,

I'm getting calls almost daily about having to go and reconnect iPads to our school network. I'm not sure what broke/why this is happening. We have been using the same two wireless networks since we rolled out FileWave. Both networks each have their own password that were set up when FileWave was rolled out. The passwords have never changed. I get calls almost daily to go and reconnect random iPads to our network. Here's how it goes:


  1. iPad X not working
  2. Go to the classroom and get the device.
  3. Go to settings > wifi
  4. The iPad shows connected but it goes nowhere. If you open a browser you get a message, cannot open www.google.com because your iPad is not connected to the internet.
  5. Click on the wireless network. Incorrect password for "network name"
  6. I type the password, again which has never changed in FileWave, I can connect to the network.

Sometimes I have to do this with both networks and I have zero success. In order to fix it at that point, I have to do up to three network resets on the iPad. The connections keep breaking and I am doing this more often than I should. 

What might be the problem here? I have no network issues on Chromebooks, Laptops, MacBooks, or any other device that needs a wireless signal. This is just happening with iPads and I can't for the life of me figure it out. Any advice is appreciated.

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15 hours ago, alaniz.a said:

Do you have "Disable MAc Address Randomization" checked in your network profile? We had issues with that on with our ruckus Ap's. Also another issue we have had is a cert issue with our content filter securly.

This is not enabled.

14 hours ago, Pierre-Nicolas said:

Is the profile being reinstalled by FileWave or is the issue happening even without any change on this side ?

I think this is happening without any changes. I wish I knew more about it. This was just kind of handed over to me after someone else set it up.

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We started having odd WiFi issues intermittently on our 9 Gen IPads with IOs 15.x a few months back in a few classrooms. Went thru and changed the :

'Private Wi-Fi Address'

'Limit IP Address Tracking' 

To both disabled and issues seemed to go away in those classroom that were experiencing issues. We use user auth for our WiFi which is done at device setup by staff (Takes more time in setup and not easily able to be done by profile but essential for device tracking in our case )

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