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Free SSL certs


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I showed this to someone on FileWave's tech support and they suggested that I post it here to help others.  Almost a year ago, I figured out how to make Let's Encrypt's free SSL certificates work with FileWave 14.x on Linux.  I've revised it a bit over the months and then I wrote up the directions on my blog in case anyone else might benefit.


The one side effect I know of (and I just realized this about an hour ago) is that the manually enrollment for iOS devices (https://your.server.here:20443/ios) shows two steps when it only needs to show the second step and not the first.  I think this is because I'm "hacking" the certificate into the system on the backend instead of importing it into the system through an officially supported front end.  But that side effect is easily worked around by just telling any end users to skip step #1 on that page.

I hope this helps someone out there.  Enjoy.



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If you want to tell FileWave your cert is trusted, you can change a flag by

echo "from ios.preferences_manager import PreferencesManager;PreferencesManager.set_mdm_cert_trusted(True)" | /usr/local/filewave/python/bin/python /usr/local/filewave/django/manage.pyc shell

This will tell FileWave to show only one step in OTA enrollment pages.

While there is currently no plan to change this part, please keep in mind that this is not part of the public api we support and maintain, so if after upgrading FileWave this throws an error, go back to the forum 🙂

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