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Custom Grafana Dashboard - YML Files not being processed

Josh Levitsky

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While experimenting with the Grafana Dashboard we came across this: https://fwkb.atlassian.net/wiki/x/AYAFBQ and wanted to share it. The issue of not processing YML files for a custom Dashboard would only impact you if the API key for the FW server was regenerated and no longer matched what Grafana had stored in a file. It's an easy fix to delete the token file and on next restart of FileWave then the proper API key would be in the file and everything would work. So if you ever do some security cleanup and regenerate API keys then consider if you have to delete the file as mentioned in the article. For a version after 14.9.0 I believe the plan is to overwrite that file at every startup which would eliminate anyone ever experiencing this. Note this isn't unique to 14.9.0, and could have been something you ran in to with earlier versions. 

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