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Fileset Requirements Ignoring Ventura


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Previously when I put a macOS installer in the kiosk, i have the requirements be previous versions so that it disappears from their kiosk because the requirements aren’t met.



When I do the same thing for Ventura, its still serving it…



Did I stumble upon a bug? I'm going to do more testing before I submit this ticket but was curious if anyone else ran across this oddity. Thanks!


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OK I have more details on how to reproduce:

Since this is a macOS installer, I only offer it to older versions via the fileset requirements. So when I made this fileset and set the requirements, it gets offered to a computer running macOS 12. I go ahead and install the app from the kiosk, it runs its script and essentially updates the computer to macOS 13.

Since the fileset is installed, its now ignoring the requirements. My guess is its figuring if its installed already then there’s no need to check for requirements afterwards. However this is how I’ve deployed previously macOS 11 and 12, and once the macOS was updated the fileset requirements would kick in and the installer would disappear from the kiosk. This is no longer happening.

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Hey @cdegaeta this is good at least that you have worked out how to reproduce. Can you open a support case and maybe give the link over here in the description as I think it explains the issue well. Then support would probably be best to fix it if they can confirm with dev that the behavior is not desired. That would be a good next step since it does sound like the behavior changed. 

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