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Native Admin: Language Chooser

Benjamin Bernert

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With the 14.9 update, Filewave native Admin changed the language of the interface to the system language, and I'm sorry to say, but the German translation is awful. 

It would be great, if we can choose the Language of the native Admin in the preferences. So I don't have to change the whole macOS system to english and still can use the native Admin without trouble. 🙂

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Hi @Benjamin Bernert,

Check this KB article: https://fwkb.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KB/pages/4329464 Launching the admin with a switch on macOS or Windows you can make it be in any language that is in FW. On Windows you could edit the shortcut you use and on macOS I’ve seen a couple of things where you could make a shortcut that runs a command line or you could make a 2 line script and make it executable and double click it and it’ll launch. If you need a solution on macOS that has that more defined I can post something. 

I hope this helps you and we are aware of the translation quality and it’s been reported as well as the desire for a setting for the app to select a language, but in the meanwhile this should make you able to run in English. 

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