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Allow Clearing of Website Data / Cached Data in Safari

Isaiah Grathen

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Hey everyone,

We have ran into some cached data/autofill data that would be beneficial to clear on some of our student's iPads!

The issue is that when we go to Settings->Safari, the option to "Clear History and Website Data" is greyed out.

Does anyone know what specific policy or profile option that is turning this off?

I tried to check the Knowledge base but couldn't find anything...

I appreciate any and all help!


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It seems to be a side effect to the thing we discussed to block private browsing. I thought it might be related and then found I still had the Fileset from that thread we had and confirmed it does block clearing the cache. Probably Apple looks at it like if you want to prevent them from hiding where they are going by blocking private browsing then blocking cache clearing would be desired too, but they don't have a way to allow you to only do one of those two if you wanted. 


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