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Passing Name of Administrator in a Script


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I have a custom script to assign temporary admin to a machine that also posts to a chatroom shared by the IT team.


I'd like to pass a variable "John Smith granted asset tag 123 temporary admin"
Is there any way to get the admin that triggered the deployment to pass?

How the script works:

  • Custom bash script
  • Once associated to a machine, it runs and creates the user with admin privileges
  • On the Filewave side, the association is made via a custom field attached to a smart group, so the Filewave admin just needs to right-click on the client > edit custom field values > tick the temporary admin box


Everything works as intended, except for knowing which admin approved the request.

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Only place I think you will find that info is in the Admin logs.

I don't believe we have any kind of variable for that.  At best you could create multiple Custom Fields to include the name of each admin and expect the admin to select the correct one for themselves from the list otherwise.

You can always make a request:


Make sure to accept/reject cookies, otherwise the big red button to add requests is hidden.

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Thanks, I submitted it.

Is there a place to share custom scripts?  I saw a few requests for things we managed to do on our own with custom bash scripts as filesets.

We already post some of them to Github, but I'd imagine not everyone is looking there.



eesh that site seems to be using my email address as my username and I don't see a way to change that... can one of you adjust it?

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Hi @ttl there's not a central place published but you can post links here and in https://discord.gg/filewave so at least in either place searching either system should help someone find it. (If you don't do Discord then just here on the Forums is super and sometimes I copy things to Discord) Building up a public published place might be a good thing. We could leverage the Knowledge Base perhaps and have an article that links to GitHub repos and such. 

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