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Foundry Announcement - New videos!

Josh Levitsky

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Hey everyone! We've been creating something over the past couple of months that we wanted to share. It's a work in progress, but enough of it is published that I was hoping this would help someone, and we would love feedback. @Sean has been building some very helpful videos. 

When you go in to https://foundry.filewave.com/ you'll notice in the navigation bar a Categories option there now this will let you easily jump to 3 sections of content: 

FileWave Onboarding - https://foundry.filewave.com/course/index.php?categoryid=4 - This is the brand new content. Short high level videos to get you started with FileWave. This should help anyone who is a new admin. We want to pair it with our formal Onboardings but the materials are open to all. 

FileWave Product Training / Certification - https://foundry.filewave.com/course/index.php?categoryid=1 - This is what you've always known Foundry for. This is the 100 and 200 level materials and the FCA exam. As a reminder the FCA is $1500 USD and gives you 3 hours of 1 on 1 time with someone in PS as well as homework that Sean grades and an exam to gain certification. Historically FCA lasted 2 years. We're still working out what we want the future FCA renewal process to be. 

FileWave Events - https://foundry.filewave.com/course/index.php?categoryid=3 - Here you'll see events like the WebAdmin Webinar from last summer, and if you registered for the US or EMEA training day then you went here. We want the materials from the US and EMEA training days to be used more widely and so I've made the choice to release them now so you should see these even if you did not attend the live events. 

Discuss content here or on Discord https://discord.gg/filewave . If you have any issues logging in remember it's the same username/password you use for support tickets. If you are not a contact who makes support tickets just let us know and we'll add you as someone who can access the Foundry. Email customer.experience@filewave.com

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