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Using Google Credentials to login to macOS

Raj Jenkin

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On 9/28/2022 at 12:11 AM, Josh Levitsky said:

Hi @Raj Jenkin have you seen https://twocanoes.com/products/mac/xcreds/ ? Seems like a promising solution. If anyone else here has implemented this yet and can share your success or challenges it would be great. 

We're testing this at the moment. One issue we've run across is that, while the github page says it supports OS < MacOS 12, the pre-compiled binary has been set with MacOS 12 as the minimum OS. Annoying for us with a fleet of mainly MacOS 11 machines. This can be resolved by cloning the Git repo and setting the min OS to something else, then recompiling the application through xcode.

With our testing, it seems to work really well (we're using OneLogin), but I've only deployed  the configuration locally. I followed their wiki on creating a preferences file with ProfileCreator. Unfortunately the export of that doesn't import directly into filewave web admin. You'll need to go through and manually add the xcreds properties as a custom settings payload under the com.twocanoes.xcreds domain.



In addition to this, we've added an activation script that executes 

/Applications/XCreds.app/Contents/Resources/xcreds_login.sh -i

So that the login windows is immediately updated on activation of the fileset.

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I'm exploring this option and i'm stuck with an authentication error

We enforce API control in our Google console and i've added the app ID to the allowed list.Still getting the error attached in the screenshot .

As profile i'm using Xcreds template for now just as testing 


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On 10/10/2022 at 11:17 PM, Raj Jenkin said:

Wow, cool solution. The free version working? I tried but stuck at Wi-Fi login.

I've been traveling and haven't gotten to set it up, but have been reading up on it to see it it could solve this need. It feels like it may be a good solution. It's free with the option to pay for support which is a nice model to see how it works and then pay for support to support them and be able to get help. I'm hoping that if I can see it work or find a customer who has it figured out maybe we can all help one another and I'll put it in the Knowledge Base. It feels like this is a good solution. 

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