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Win 10 Lock WiFi On - Profile/PowerShell script?


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From PS I don't think we have anything already made. There are articles like: https://devblogs.microsoft.com/scripting/use-powershell-to-enable-wi-fi/ that talk about how you could enable it with PowerShell. If you take that idea and combine it with the idea in the attached fileset of a Requirement Script that would keep on knocking WiFi back to enabled then that may give you what you want. 

The script in the attached example is actually just a batch file that kills Microsoft Edge and then does an exit 1. It could easily be PowerShell instead. This will run every 2 minutes;

taskkill /im msedge.exe /f
exit 1

Another approach might be to use a blocker script. When you click the toolbar to make a New Desktop Fileset then you would click Policy as the type of Fileset. If you go this route then every 5 minutes would be the interval, and you could make a Blocker Script that handles a variety of things you want to enforce on your clients. Use caution here because your script must exit with 0 or else that tells the FileWave client to basically lock the client.  


I'm very curious what other customers have done to solve for your specific question and maybe they can share an example that specifically gets to what you are trying to do. I did also look through the Windows Profiles available with Windows MDM and there isn't a profile setting available within that to prevent disabling WiFi.



Block Microsoft Edge.fileset.zip

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