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iPad Profile Installation Failed


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I have transitioned into a new role at my organization and am the new MDM manager.

I am getting an error when I attempt to manually install our FileWave MDM profile by downloading the profile via *********:20443/ios. The error simply states "A connection to the server could not be established."

I was able to add the iPad into Apple School Manager via Apple Configurator 2, but it failed with the same error message when it attempted to activate the profile.

FileWave DEP does not pick up the new device.

All of the certs are current.

Any pointers on this is greatly appreciated.


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Usual things could include:

  • Ports not open
  • APNs is out of date
  • Server cert has an issue of some nature
  • Could try rebooting the server otherwise

Failing those, make a ticket with support.  They'll likely want to see server logs

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